Our Clubhouse

Branding & Web Development

Our Clubhouse is a non-profit cancer support community that offers free social, emotional and informational resources. While the organization has been around for years, a change in leadership prompted a rebranding effort. MarketSpace worked with the team to develop the new Our Clubhouse name and identity that was then used through a variety of new marketing initiatives.

Our public relations team crafted a press release and provided pre-launch support, which included a crisis response plan, corresponding messaging and an exclusive with local media.

From the social media side of things, we worked closely with Our Clubhouse to transition their various social accounts – crafting transitional messaging, anticipating comments, drafting response messaging and creating lists of hashtags and keywords for launch day.

2015 PRSA Renaissance Awards Winner

“I thought this was an incredibly well-done effort considering the modest budget and myriad of potential pitfalls that needed to be navigated. The communicators working on this campaign put together an excellent plan and followed through with well-timed execution. Judging from the response from the community, they hit all the right notes.”

– PRSA judge