The hunt is on for the best of the best.

Looking for a corporate setting where you have to wear a suit everyday and clock in and out? Well, you’re most definitely in the wrong place.

But… if you’re looking for that kind of agency setting that you see in movies and TV shows and think – “this can’t be real!” Well, newsflash! It most definitely is real, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the right space.


Jeans-wearing, coffee-drinking, hard-working, not-so-early-rising, teamwork-loving, summer-Friday-taking, brainstorm-laughing, research-finding, 40-hour-work-weeking, compliment-giving, marketing-loving, one-big-family-feeling…kind of vibes.

the area

You know what they say...
location, location, location!

Conveniently located in Cranberry Township, just a quick 20 minutes from Pittsburgh, MarketSpace is easy to get to and close to many yummy restaurants and – get your bank account in trouble – shopping areas. Say goodbye to city chaos and paying for parking, and hello to convenience.

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The peeps, the posse – or if you want to be proper – the staff.

If you’ve already visited our team page, you may have seen the crazies (read as: marketing geniuses) that we call our employees. But we’re really more than just coworkers. We’re one big family. Always focused on teamwork, we thrive on having each other’s backs and sharing our expertise with one another. The crew also excels in other key areas:

  • Bold & Bright personalities

  • unmatched experience

  • a mix of specialties

  • foodies, (drinkies), & everything in between

  • light on ego,
    heavy on sass

No Openings Available

The MarketSpace team is full to the brim right now! But you never know when we may be expanding, so feel free to drop us your resume!

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