Why MarketSpace

"So what sets you apart?"

Prospective clients repeatedly ask us this question. We totally get that. With so many agencies to choose from, both locally and across the map, it’s understandable that you’d want a partner that stands above the rest. And although we’re not the biggest agency around, we feel that the things that set us apart actually make the biggest difference.

We’re creative…
with budgets.

MarketSpace has a roster of 50+ clients – some big, some small. Many of our clients are well established and others are just starting off. And while some of them have boundless budgets, most come to us with a more modest means for marketing. Regardless of the situation, we are a creative bunch… even when it comes to crunching numbers. We come up with resourceful solutions that make the most of any budget. Consider us your partner in “makin’ it happen.”

So much talent.
So little overhead.

While some agencies may be known for having one or two of “the industry’s most famous,” we’re known for having one dynamite team. We seek out the very best talent – true all-stars of their particular trade – and bring them together under the MarketSpace roof. By working together as one team, we’re able to offer the most impactful solutions. We have no fillers, no floaters… we’re just one lean, mean marketing machine.

Pioneers in the
snowflake approach.

No two snowflakes are alike, and neither are our clients. Cheesy? Maybe… but it’s true! Every client and project is different, so every single one of our plans is different, too. We take the time to understand your business, your goals and what you’re trying to achieve with any particular effort. Then we develop a plan that makes sense for you. We’re not template people, we’re custom people, and we’ll show you what snowflakes are made of.

One Channel. Two
channels. Three channels…

FOUR! Today, there are endless marketing channels available, which means you can interact with your target audience in more ways than ever. But how do you know which channels are right for your audience, for your goals and for your budget? All questions we can help you answer. With decades of combined experience in traditional marketing – mixed with a passion for staying at the forefront of all things new – we have a keen understanding of the outlets available and can put together a recommended channel mix that makes sense for your brand.

Did you know we’re certified?

MarketSpace is proud to hold several small business certifications. These certifications allow us to meet your unique supplier diversity objectives and scale on-demand through strategic partnerships when necessary.

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